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*~*ChAd MiChAeL MuRrAy*~*
The Original British CMM Fansite

Here's a chance for you to contribute.

Hope your'e enjoying the site! Please comment about anything on the site, although i'm still working on improving parts say what you like or whatever you feel about Chad! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We'd love to hear if you've had any successes like replies from Chad,seen Chad? etc. If you want to email photos of your Chad shrine or pictures of anything which shows off you're a Chad buff.. we wanna see it! Email us, we want to hear from you!!
Thanks for checking ou the site.
My regards,
Also working on a new Chad Murray & Josh Jackson site, check it out at:
Please check out the site again some time for updates.

Here's some of your comments/questions you email me:
"OOOOO my god, he is so hot! WHere do you find all of this
Jen:Actually, I've had many emails within the past year all asking this. They key to gaining information on your favourite stars is to do a lot of research from every site possible. I actually have people emailing me giving me information too so that helps, if you find anything do email me. I do read all emails about this site and email everyone back.
"Some facts about Chad are false"
Jen: The only facts which were false were tiny things like his birthday, I mean I've updated them all now but the reason why that was wrong is because this site is actually a year old now and I haven't worked on it for ages. So if you see anything incorrect that is due to the fact that I know about it and haven't got time to update it. Please be patient with me.
"Hi Chad. I love you so much, please email me back."
Jen:Don't we all? Okay, Chad is definitely flattered about his fan's interest in him. But, I am not Chad Murray himself, I'm simply a fan who shows how much she idolises him by creating a website dedicated to Chad to inform other Chad fans about him. One of my sources told me Chad surfed sites about him but he doesn't email people. I mean, how would you feel receiving a million emails a day saying the same thing "I love you so much, I'm your #1 fan. Email me PLEASE!" I don't think he'd have the time to email every single person although as much as he'd want to, it's the same reason he doesn't hand out his telephone/home address. I really need to publish a disclaimer on this site claiming I definitely am not Chad or am connected. The only way to reach him is to write to his fan mail address (which works!) if you're not convinced check out how many people have had successes at: and right at the top left hand corner where there's a space, type: Chad Michael Murray and it'll show comments from people who've had successes. Star archive is now available to only paying costumers so if you want free access to fans who have success in replies from Chad please do a search on
If you have been a fortunate fan by getting to meet Chad, we want to hear your sucess stories!! Whether it's just getting an autograph in the mail to actually breathing the same air as him that's enough!! Come share it with us!! If you're a true artist and have drawn an awesome pic of Chad I'll be happy to upload it on here so everyone can admire it!! This is the fan's page.. A chance for you to share stories and tell us how you feel about Chad.. Just email us and we'll add your stuff here soon!

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